One stop solution for all supplier needs

The Supply Chain Hub provides a single web interface for suppliers and vendors, thus making information access easy. It is designed to enable significant improvement in operation efficiency with reducing working capital. SAP system allows rapid interaction between organization, suppliers and vendors, ensuring adequate data security.

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SCH Manufacturing

Enabling real time manufacturing intelligence.

SCH Smart Factory Solution has introduced real time technologies for optimum machine utilization that helps gain maximum productivity. Our Seamless data tracking system provides proactive monitoring and alerts for remote assets that facilitates accurate calculation of production cost.

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SCH Supplier

Helping Organisations engage with their supply chain in real time.

We have designed and developed an easy and single web interface for suppliers & vendors. This unique application is seamlessly integrated with SAP ECC system for adequate data security and rapid communication with the supply chain.

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SCH Customer

Centralised repository for a company to interact with its Dealers in real time.

Get online information about Latest products, pricing, brochures, product availability information including stock availability at your finger tips. A real-time reporting system for orders, deliveries, invoices, account balances order-entry and order-tracking tool that helps business productivity.

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SCH Field Service

One Multispecialty Solution to Manage your Business Operation

SCH Field Service Solution is a dynamic Plant Maintenance solution with the latest user interface and real-time dashboard reporting system. The solution increases equipment performance, reduces manual entries and unplanned downtimes. Proper maintenance of plant equipment significantly reduces the overall operating cost while boosting the productivity.

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SCH Fashion

SAP Apparel & footwear facilitates complete control of supply chain.

SAP e-business platform is designed to streamline operations and boost revenue by assuring consistent quality with greater customer satisfaction.

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SCH Bank

End to End banking automated process for day to day data exchanges

Banking Integration solution consist of In-built analytics and dashboard for smooth transactions. It supports secure multi currency and multi payment methods, integrating one SAP customer with multiple banks.

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Product Pricing


All features of SCH per user/per month

  • Vendor Portal
  • Supplier Portal
  • Sub Contracting
  • Bank Integration
  • Field Service and Analytics
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per drive/month

  • Data Collection or Device
  • Sensor Scanner
  • Consulting Service for Service,
    Installation, Maintenance
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  • SCH edge hardware installation/maintenance
  • Operative UI
  • Shopfloor dashboard
  • Prouct Manager Dashboard and Analytics
  • ERP Integration

Sensors, cabling- Either customer has to take care or charged on actuals.

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Supply chain hub is a single window that manages vendors and buyers. That can be accessed from desktop and mobile, a network connection has to be active.

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